Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Big Announcement and Cupon!!

Dear Cakettes,

Today's post is going to be about my big announcement!! YES!!! My online store is finally open!!!

I Feel like screaming with excitement!!! :) But I won't.. My windows might not survive... lol

I chose Zibbet, and if you are wondering why, well.. I haven't really had the time to finish my own website, so I had the choice between esty and zibbet, but when I started looking more into esty, I found out that you're only supposed to sell handmade items on there, and I might have a couple of other things for sale in the future (non-handmade) such as crafts supplies.. So.... I chose zibbet as my understanding is that I can sell handmade items as well as supplies..

 Now, I know you are probably thinking.. "I'm pretty sure I've seen people selling supplies on etsy", well.. those people aren't supposed to, if etsy finds accounts such as these, it's likely they would get closed down.. and I did not want to risk it..

So Since I have been using Zibbet, I have been really enjoying it.. The site is pretty easy to use and they don't have outrageous fees and charges as some other sites have.. so to me is working.. At least for now.. :)

Anyway.. Enough of that.. Some of you know that I have spent the whole of my summer break creating and making things.. so now it's time to reveal my yummy goodies.. I have got a bit of variety, but the store is mainly focused on charms at the moment.. I have tons of them for sale..

Everything you will see in my store at the moment was created by me, so you won't find it anywhere else.. :)

And of course, because I LOVE Vintage Cameos, I HAD to have them in my store..

From the Elegant Charcoal with diamond sparkles...

To the pretty in pink...

To this vintage blue.. There is a lot of variety in colour, sizes, and styles...

I personally love these Florettes.. They are so vintage and pretty.. I have one myself and I wear it as a brooch.. :)

And of Course, with Christmas around the corner how could I leave out St Nicholas?

And just in case you are wondering of course I have handmade flowers.. My all time favourite... :)

I also have a bunch of different charm kits...

Different kits.. different colours.. Sizes.. Shapes.. :) 

These are just a fraction of the items I'm selling, this post would have no end if I decided to add pictures of all items I'm selling.. But if you want to see everything else I have available please head over to my Zibbet store:

Just click the link Below to Visit my Store

I also have a SPECIAL DEAL going on right now.. Until The 6th of November 2011 midnight, everyone can get 10% the total value of the items on orders over $30 USD.

Just Enter the Code is D72CC8  at the checkout.

But don't forget, it's only valid until the 6th of November 2011 midnight!!!!

I would love to hear from you.. When you go and check out my store you can leave me a comment on here  and tell what your favourite items are.. :)

Well Cakettes, that's all for now.. I hope you're all as excited as I am and hope you guys enjoy the yummies I have designed for you!! :)

Have a Fabulous Day!!


  1. Congratulations on your store. However, I just went to etsy and saw that there is a supplies category but it is only for crafting supplies. "The Supplies Category is for both handmade and non-handmade ("commercial") crafting supplies. A crafting supply is an item that is primarily used to make handmade items you might find for sale on Etsy." Would your items fit into this category?

  2. Yeah, Im so glad you have opened your own store and I wish you all the very best of luck with it. I will pop over now and have a wee nosey about. Lee x

  3. So gorgeous! Will be stopping by often to check out your have some lovely items :)

    Thanks for stopping by my facebook pg :)