Friday, 21 September 2012


         Ha Ha, I bet I spooked you!!! No... Just kidding.. I know I'm not that scary... Nor do I want to me.. 

         So when I decided to create my very first Halloween Crafts Series, I wanted the projects to be a little spooky, and lots of cute..!!!  So no! Nothing too scary..

         I have just finished filming all of the videos in the series and am currently working on the edit side of things.. So with some help from my favourite energy booster and some sleepless nights I should have some videos ready to go within the next week or so...

         The series have a variety of ideas and ways of  turning an "ordinary" treat or gift, into an explosion of "Spooky Cute" projects..

         I really wanted the projects to be simple, easy and straight forward ideas to follow so that everybody would be able to make them with very little supplies and tools... Every project will be a video tutorial and, as always, I will be here should anybody have any doubts / questions... :)

        Now that I have seen everything I made come together, I'm really excited about it and I really hope you guys will love it too!!!!!

        And if you can't wait to see what ideas I have come up with, please don't forget to subscribe to My Youtube Channel  CraftsDotCupCake , so that you can receive automatic updates as soon as I upload any videos..!!!! 

Have a scary day! Wait! No..! That's not right..  Not a Scary day.. a FAB Day.. That's it.. That's what I meant.. ops.. :)

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