Friday, 9 December 2011

Mini Santa Suit Treat Box Template

Hello My Super Duper Cakettes!!!

   This time of the year, everywhere you go, you are constantly reminded that there are only a few weeks until Christmas.. Oh! the stress that comes with it.. All the things you need to do and haven't had the time to get started... Ever felt like that? I think a lot of us would answer yes to that question..

   I definitely feel like that when is getting close to Christmas.. Not only because Christmas is my favourite time of the year, but because i just want everything to be perfect all the time.. I always look for new ways to decorate.. And this year is no different..

   So a couple of years ago I saw in a magazine these adorable little square boxes decorated as Santa suit.. I really cannot find the picture from that magazine, but I know there is a lot of inspiration to be found on the web.. Anyway, I was really inspired and decided to make some for my Christmas lunch table...

   If you have seen my Halloween pillow box treat pouch, you might remember that I had designed a pillow box template, so all I had to do was perform some minor alterations to that template and I got myself some mini pillow boxes so that I can decorate for any other occasion....

    This is how I have decorated mine for Christmas....

I think these look super adorable just as pillow boxes, but just a piece of ribbon and a few embellishments and you can totally transform them into whatever you want!!!

   And remember they can be used for any occasion.. By choosing a different colour of cardstock and different embellishments, these can be completely personalised..
   These super cute snowman boxes are a good example of how you can decorate them differently..

   In fact You could even stamp (or write) names on them and use them as name place on your table.. and I am sure a little gift inside would be very much appreciated... :)

    So by now you are probably guessing that if a template is involved, then you are probably going to be able to get a copy for free right?

 Well GOOD NEWS!!!!!

   Just like my previous templates I will be sharing the files for this box with my sweet Cakettes!!! YEEEIIII!!! :)

And of course once again it is FREE!!!!

Just remember in case you haven't seen my previous free template post here is how it works.. Because it's a template I have designed myself I am happy to share with all of my subscribers and followers.. You can download it and use it as many times as you would like..


The only condition for downloading this file is that you are not allowed to re-distribute, share or sell the file.

By downloading this file you have to rights to use the file, but you do not own any rights to the file.

So It is okay if you want to sell the projects you have made using the file, but you cannot sell or share the file itself.

So, if you have friends who may want this file, please ask them to visit the site and download their own copy.

Please be sure NOT to send and/or give these files to anybody as it is an infringement of copyright.

By downloading these files you agree to these terms.

That's it really.. :)

Now if you're ready Download Files

I have made a video showing how I have used my template and how I have decorated it, so if you would some inspiration you can see that video below..

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  1. These look really beautiful Becca, such a pretty idea. Lee x