Sunday, 4 December 2011

CupCake Handmade Gift Idea Template

Hellow Cakettes!!

So Christmas is fast approaching and it's always very helpful to have some stocking filler ideas...
Here's a quick, easy and inexpensive super duper cute idea!!!

It's a facial towel that looks like a cupcake.. Can you see why I love the idea?? :)

Anyway, this is not something I have just come up with.. I've actually seen Jonathan Fong (host of Style with a smile) made these a while a go and I just had to make some too!!!

So Jonathan, a big thanks to you for the inspiration!!! :)

So I have made mine in a Christmas theme.. But you can make them in any theme you like..

I have wrapped them in cellophane and tied a little ribbon..

It was so quick and easy to make these that I ended up making a few of them.. :)

So by now you are probably guessing that if a template is involved, then you are probably going to be able to get a copy for free right?

Well GOOD NEWS!!!!!

Just like my previous templates I will be sharing the files for this box with my sweet Cakettes!!! YEEEIIII!!! :)

And of course once again it is FREE!!!!

Just remember in case you haven't seen my previous free template post here is how it works.. Because it's a template I have designed myself I am happy to share with all of my subscribers and followers.. You can download it and use it as many times as you would like..


The only condition for downloading this file is that you are not allowed to re-distribute, share or sell the file.

By downloading this file you have to rights to use the file, but you do not own any rights to the file.

So It is okay if you want to sell the projects you have made using the file, but you cannot sell or share the file itself.

So, if you have friends who may want this file, please ask them to visit the site and download their own copy.

Please be sure NOT to send and/or give these files to anybody as it is an infringement of copyright.

By downloading these files you agree to these terms.

That's it really.. :)

Now if you're ready Download Files

I have made a video showing how I have used my template and how I have decorated it, so if you would some inspiration you can see that video below..

If you like what you see just click that subscribe button, rate and comment.... :)


  1. Ohhhh these look amazing Becca. What a really fantastic always. Youre wee head must be swimming with ideas! This is a fabulous stocking filler. Lee x

  2. awww definatly going to try these with the lil angels:-) thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and templates n tutorials with us hugs andria

  3. I love this idea and will be making some this x-mas...TFS...Hugs Jane

  4. LOVELY! will try them and give as christmas presents to friends. thanks from Bethany xx