Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Yes! That's right, I am having a MASSIVE SALE on my Zibbet store!!!

You know how shops usually have their sales right after christmas and it makes you wish that you could have bought your presents then..?

Well, I don't think that's fair.. I believe we should all be able to get great discounts BEFORE Christmas so that we can save some $$$ when we're buying presents...

And for that reason I have decided to have a Massive sale on my Zibbet Store!!! The sale is a MASSIVE 20% OFF every single item!!!!

This sale will be on from now until the end November (2011),  The only thing to remember is stocks are limited so if you like something I suggest you "go and get you some" because when is gone is gone!!!

You do not need any special codes, the discount is already applied all over the store!!!!

Enjoy this early christmas present from Me to You!!! :)

Have a Fab Day!!!


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