Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Handmade Christmas Cracker Template

Ho Ho Ho Cakettes!!!!

   A couple of years ago, my Christmas tree decoration theme was metallic greens, purples, pinks and blues. Yes I do change the theme every year..

   Anyway, I wanted tiny little Christmas crackers to match, so I decided to create my own templates so   that I could make my own...

So this is what the crackers looked like...

Okay.. So they are a little bright..

But it did match my decoration... :)

And the best part is, you can add whatever you want inside them.. I chose Ferrero Rocher just because they are so yummy!!!

So this year I have decided to revisit my old template and create these little crackers to decorate my Christmas table...

Of course I had to use my favourite Christmas paper collection at the moment, the noel collection by Dovecraft.

   I believe this is a collection which was released last year, but I have been in love with it since...
   Everything I love about Christmas is in these papers.. From traditional Christmas scenes to snowflakes to vintage looking Santas.. Gotta love it...

    So when I designed the template, I had only designed the hexagonal shaped cracker but this year I have altered my original template so that i can have a traditional rounded cracker too.. So I've ended up with two templates.

   I think this year's Christmas crackers turned out really cute..

So this if the hexagonal shaped cracker, it's the first template I made all of those two years ago.. :)

The distressed edges give it more of a vintage look which I thought was perfect for the paper...

The glittery paper also helps with the final look. Love glitter!!! :)

And then of course, the traditional shaped crackers.. Simple rounded shape...
Still very cute though...

Snowflakes in a red "christmassy" paper.. Just beautiful....

And of course, the candy cane stripes.. who doesn't love those?

   So here's the good news!!!!! Just like my previous templates I will be sharing the files with my beloved Cakettes!!! YEEEIIII!!! :)

And of course once again it is FREE!!!!

   So Just in case you haven't seen my previous free template post here is how it works.. Because it's a template I have designed myself I am happy to share with all of my subscribers and followers.. You can download it and use it as many times as you would like..


The only condition for downloading this file is that you are not allowed to re-distribute, share or sell the file.

By downloading this file you have to rights to use the file, but you do not own any rights to the file.
So It is okay if you want to sell the projects you have made using the file, but you cannot sell or share the file itself.

So, if you have friends who may want this file, please ask them to visit the site and download their own copy.
Please be sure NOT to send and/or give these files to anybody as it is an infringement of copyright.

By downloading these files you agree to these terms.

That's it really.. :)

Now if you're ready, you can the file for the Hexagonal Christmas cracker, or you can go for the traditional Rounded one.. But if you really want to, just download them both.. :)

I have made a video showing how I have used my template and how I have decorated it, so if you would some inspiration you can see that video below..

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Have a Fabulous day and Happy Scrapping!!!!


  1. Becca these are so cute and such a lovely idea too. We always put Crackers on the table at Christmas. I think Im might have a wee go and this year make everyone little individual pressies like a keyring for the men and like a metal tassel for the ladies to hang from their handbags. Mind you, there is usually between 18-22 people at our house for dinner on Christmas, so I better get started if I want these all finished in time! Thanks so much for the inspiration, template and videos. Lee x

  2. Thank you for the files and tutorials. You do a wonderful job!